New Website, New Blog, New Post!! Who am I!

I still cant believe I have not blogged in over 4 years. I plan on doing more blogging this year. I know, I know, I say this with every new blog but I really am now geared to sticking with it. I have the tools now to do it, so no excuses.

So I will just start by talking about myself. There are many of you coming to my website & blog who do not know me. Well, I am Liz. I am a momma, first and foremost. I have 3 children (well 4 including my daughter growing in my bell at the moment) and they are the center of my life. I guess thats what most moms of 4 would say about their life, because who else will be taking care of this many kids. But really, I feel like God made me to be a momma. I also am married to my soul mate. I truly believe that he is the other half of me. Together, we make each other whole and better people. I won’t lie, there are days where we struggle, but we always come together in the end make our relationship stronger. He has been my rock over the last 12 years. I still look at him and get goosebumps and butterflies. That man in my person.

So about my job. I REALLY REALLY LOVE MY JOB. I mean, I get to snuggle newborn babies sometimes four times a week. I also get the joy of giving new moms, and some seasoned moms, the beautiful images that I create with their fresh little babies. I get to meet new people weekly, some becoming really good friends, and most are REALLY loyal clients. So how did I start? Did I just buy a camera one day and call myself a photographer? Um. NO. I started my photography career 10 years ago in college. I was always drawn to art, but never really knew it would be photography until I needed an art elective in college. I was lucky to have a teacher who saw what I didn’t see and pushed me to learn the trade and art of photography. My first few years were a bit of a struggle, I will not lie, but I am so thankful for all of my mistakes! I feel like my mistakes got me to where I am today. I now own my own business, my own studio, and I am a boss lady!! I grew this business from the ground up all by myself. Took out loans, lost money, worked my butt off, lost more money, and now I am never looking back because the last 7 years (out of the 10) of being a very successful at what I do.

Now, I must enjoy every single thing about my job, right?? Oh boy. I enjoy about 90% of what my job is and what it requires of me. The meeting new clients, photographing children and families, snuggling babies, making friends along the way, and creating friendships in the industry, THAT is what I LOVE about my job. There are lots of things about this job that are a challenge. I spend the majority of my time at my desk, editing my life away, listening to podcasts, snacking on foods I probably don’t need to be eating, and killing my back. On a normal business day, I am in my pajamas with messy hair and coffee that I most likely have reheated 3 to 4 times. I still wouldn’t change it for the world. Well… one thing I would change.. are taxes!! Am I right!?

I hope that I stick with this blog thing. No one will probably actually read this. And if you do, THANK YOU!

I will be having a new baby soon, but I feel like I need to step up my game on being a presence on my website. I really do love sharing my life with my clients and followers. So I hope you reach out to me if you want, or just read along as I open up about my work and life!!

<3 -Liz