Deville Lifestyle Newborn Session

Julie is who I strive to be in life. She’s a bad ass mom/friend, she has killer style, and designed and built the ultimate dream home. It looks like it is straight out of a magazine.

She designed her new home for over 3 years, spending lots of time and effort into putting the most beautiful thought into the tiniest details. I was so excited when she hired me to photograph her newborn, William! I told Julie I now want to be her content photographer for her instagram, because every inch of her house is instagram worthy. So many amazing finds throughout her house. From the framed art, to the tiny candle sticks, to the wall papers, to the kitchen lighting, every single detail was so thought out by her. I want her to finish my home now!! Julie, you up for hire?

Her 3 older boys are a hoot. Very rough, but also so polite and kind. Her son Hudson reminds me of my son Wiley in so many ways. They are all boy, through and through. It is so fitting that William is now a part of their bunch. He handled being held by his 3 brothers like a champ.

I loved this session so much, that I blogged it. ME. I BLOGGED. LOOK AT ME GO!

Peep that amazing lighting!
Can’t wait to see these printed and hanging in their new home.