:: Why birth photography??? ::

Why birth photography?

When I found out I was pregnant for my son, James, I knew that I wanted his whole life captured. Being a photographer… This task should not be hard!! So I knew that I needed to start from the very beginning! Hiring a photographer for my birth was the BEST decision I could have made! The pictures have helped me through the tiring times of being a first time mother. The allowed my family to experience James being born without actually being in the room! I do not regret, not even for a second, hiring a photographer for my birth. I hear most moms now say how much they regret not hiring one for theirs!

So why?

Because I was in LABOR for my sons birth! I was in and out of pain, tired, hungry, hot, cold, nauseated, frustrated….. You get the point! I obviously couldn’t shoot it! And I wanted professional photos so I could relive that moment!!

I was able to experience my labor and birth in a positive light through my pictures! I was able to have my husband completely focused on me during the delivery, instead of trying to take that first picture of James. I was able to trust that, no matter what, I would be able to relive that day forever!

Birth Photography helps turn your birth journey into a joyful memory to share with your loved ones. It creates the story of your child’s birth from the tiniest detail, to the sheer emotion shared between partners, to the moment that baby and parents fall in love at first sight.

So what does a birth photographer do at an actual birth?

I, the photographer, get to know you, as a mother, first and foremost! I love having you share your story with me! I stay on call for your birth for two weeks prior to your due date and two weeks after (just incase)

I arrive at the birthing center of your choice, whether it be a home birth or hospital birth! I like to be in the loop, so I make sure to have as many phone numbers of your family as possible!!! I will shoot some of your labor before hand, the delivery, and moments after.

 I LOVE my job! The reason I love my job is not only because I love photography… I love it because I get to be a part of people’s lives and help them remember their lives through my photographs! I get to capture the most important parts!


Even among those who hire a birth photographer, it isn’t uncommon to hear families say “I didn’t realize how important this was to me & I’m so glad I did it”. I have never met a family who has regretted hiring a photographer for their birth. It’s a moment in time in the life of your family that you can’t recreate.

Here is a photo from my most recent birth!! Meet Lia Grace!

Sweet baby girl born on 8-10-12 at 7:07pm

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