:: Only in my dreams ::

Only in my dreams

This is the story of love and finding your soul mate.
Sometimes we find the man of our dreams in the oddest of places.
“S” finds true love, but there is a problem. She meets the man of her dreams in a dream.

“S” is a typical teenager, who dreams to one day fall in love with the man of her dreams. “S” is very sheltered by her family, so finding the right man will be a hard task.

As “S” was reading one of her favorite love stories, and she started to picture what her perfect man would be like. She wants him to be the typical gorgeous guy, who is tall, dark, & handsome.

“S” longs to find the type of man she reads about in her favorite books.

“S” drifts off into a deep sleep and starts to dream about her perfect guy.

“S” is awaken in from her dream by a voice she has never heard before.

Confused as to who would be calling for her, she starts to wake up.

To her surprise, a tall, dark, and handsome gentleman, “T”,  is the one who has been calling out her name.

“T’ brings her flowers, and tells her that he has traveled for days in search of her.

“S” realizes this is the exact story she has been reading about and can not believe it is finally happening to her.

“T” tells her of his journey and how he has dreamed of meeting the girl of his dreams.

As they get to know each other, “T” asks “S” if he can court her.

She quickly agrees!

“T” takes her for a long walk during sunset. They share stories of their life, and how they are so happy they have finally found each other.

“T” declares his love for “S”.

“T” realizes he has to break the news to “S”.

“T” can only visit “S” in her dreams, but he assures her that he does love her, and he wants to be apart of his life.

Surprised by his news, “S” tells “T” that it doesn’t matter if he will only be in her dreams, she loves him anyway.

“S” realizes that is time for them to say good-bye to each other.

“T” has the idea to capture the memory of their time together.

“T” decides the best way is to take pictures of the two of them together to capture the memory.

As “T” prepare to leave, he helps “S” fall back asleep.

When “S” awakes, she realizes that “T” is gone.

“S” longs for the moment when she will see her love again.

Remembering that she will see him again in her dreams someday, she looks back at the moments that made her fall in love with “T”.

“S’s” love for “T” is very strong, but she realizes that only the perfect man can be found in her dreams.

Simone Guillory - September 12, 2013 - 12:26 pm

Elizabeth was absolutely amazing to work with. Her creativity of this shoot was also impressive. I loved hanging out with her and my boyfriend, who also said he had such a good day being photographed! Coming from a man, thats a big deal! Haha. She made the entire season feel so comfortable and fun. The photos came out better than I could have imagined. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!! It was definitely a “dream come true” kind of day! 🙂

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